Birth : 1853 in Paris (Ile-de-France) Death : 1931


Son of Ernest Auguste BERNARDEL, Léon BERNARDEL belonged to a well-known family of violin makers whose reputation began with Sébastien Auguste BERNARDEL (also known has BERNARDEL Père) who was Nicolas LUPOT’s partner.

From 1869 Léon BERNARDEL trained with Justin DERAZEY in Mirecourt.
In 1871, at the age of  eighteen, Léon returned to Paris to join GAND & BERNARDEL as a collaborator.
In 1898, Léon BERNARDEL established his own workshop at 40 bis Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière where his son joined him as a partner. Léon BERNARDEL became the main supplier of the great French orchestras and music conservatories of his time.
In 1913, at the age of sixty, Léon BERNARDEL joined COUESNON's workshop in Mirecourt as artistic director. Their collaboration lasted until 1923.

Leon BERNARDEL began signing his own works around 1900. The few instruments that he made entirely on his own during this period are of a high quality, true to the tradition of this great firm. (see #1684 in the Archives Gallery section)

Aside from his own production, one can find instruments bearing the Leon BERNARDEL label with the mention : "Modèle Monopole”. We know little about the Monopole series except that these instruments were, after our opinion, not made by Léon BERNARDEL himself, but for him and according to his specifications by different makers of his era.
While one may note a certain irregularity in the quality of Monopole production, some of them are of the finest craftsmanship and adhere to the highest standards of the Parisian violin making school of this period.

Label and stamp
Stamped to the inside back and top
Signed on the label.


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