Birth : 1830 in Rouvres-la-Chétive (Vosges) Death : 1898 in Neufchâteau (Vosges)


Known as Caussin "aîné"


Francois Hippolyte CAUSSIN was the son and pupil of François CAUSSIN.
Francois Hippolyte CAUSSIN worked with GAILLARD, in Mirecourt, for a period. He then joined his father’s workshop in Neufchâteau.
He succeeded his father, continuing the family tradition by producing fine copies of Italian instruments.

Labels & brands
CAUSSIN’s instruments generally bear labels of Italian makers and, more rarely, a printed label :
Caussin Luthier
Neufchâteau (Vosges)

COLLENOT Louis (His Nephew from 1876 to 1878 )

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