Birth : 1787 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Death : 1857 in Troyes (Aube)


Son of Louis GAULARD, a Mirecourt luthier and bow maker, François Jude GAULARD is known to have worked with Louis Simon PAJEOT as is evident in his early production.

GAULARD who began his own production circa 1785 / 1790, spent the greater part of his professional life in Mirecourt and left behind him an important production of good quality.
His bows are made in a large variety of woods including snakewood and ironwood in addition to Pernambuco.

Around 1855 GAULARD left Mirecourt for Troyes where his son, Etienne, ran a music shop.

stamped : "GAULARD." (see #2186 in the Archives gallery)
or unstamped.

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